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The Best Destination For Your Elderly Loved One.

As a Maryland licensed facility, we provide assisted living care in a "premiere" home environment located in the Meadow Creek division of Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Our staff is highly trained to meet the care needs of Level 1, 2, and 3 Residents, which includes Dementia, Diabetes, Daily Living Activities, and other similar healthcare needs.  

Your loved one is able to enjoy life in a healthy environment with plenty of social interactions and activities to keep them fulfilled in their golden years of life. This is truly the best destination for your elderly loved one.

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We Create a Peaceful, Enjoyable Environment 

Photo of elderly woman relaxing peacefully on a hammock

Your Family is Our Family

You can feel comfortable knowing your loved one is comfortable, and enjoying living life the way they are supposed to live. 

Every resident is given time to relax, time to exercise, quality food, and an environment that promotes positivity and longevity.

We treat every resident as a part of our family.

Assisted Living With Life Through Movement

A body in motion is happy and productive.  All our residences have quality time with a Professional to promote healthy daily activities.

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Truth Through Testimony 

Hear from actual clients of CREATUS Adult Assisted Living

Real families telling you first hand of their experience in partnering with CREATUS Adult Assisted Living in the co-mission of creating a joy-filled life for their loved ones.

Clear Communication 

Clean, Positive, Environment

24/7 Quality Care

Certified Professionals on Staff


  • ​Levels 1, 2, and 3 Services

  • ​24-7 Wake Staff

  • Television | Internet | Computer Training

  • Laundry and Housekeeping Services

  • Podiatrist Care & Transportation
    (Scheduled Upon Request)

  • Respite Care Available

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The CREATUS Experience. Assisted Living Testimonial

Stephanie Y. Smith | Resident Family Member

Our Commitment

CREATUS Adult Assisted Living is a premier facility licensed in the State of Maryland.  As a professionally licensed facility, all staff members are highly certified and medically trained to meet the requirements of the COMAR assisted living regulations.

CREATUS commits to strengthening the individual dignity of every resident without partiality of race, creed, sex, religion, or nationality.  We provide the highest quality of service for our residents.  Monthly fees vary depending on room size and level of care provided.

As a member of our community, your care and comfort is our primary concern.  Family members are highly encouraged to participate in the development of Care Plans for their loved ones.

Our Vision

CREATUS Adult Assisted Living facility is located in the heart of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, and offers quality adult living for your loved ones. We pride ourselves on providing the perfect blend of personal care and hospitality tailored to meet the individual needs of our residents.

At CREATUS, we aim to give our residents control over their lives, encouraging their independence and integration into a viable community. The ultimate goal of our facility is to provide a warm, family atmosphere, providing exceptional senior care.

One monthly fee provides full complimentary services including Comfortable Living Space, Healthcare Specialists, Cuisine Meals, Physical Training, Arts and Crafts Activities, Technology Training, and Personalized Care.  

We also offer several levels of care, enabling staff to meet the needs of residents as they age.

We would love for you to visit and take a tour of CREATUS Adult Assisted Living in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Happy seniors raising hands

“Old age: the crown of life, our play’s last act.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero




CREATUS Adult Assisted Living will maintain a "five-star" ambience facility with a family-oriented focus. We will provide an environment where communication is open, kind, and gentle.


Our employees are highly qualified to serve the needs of residences on Level 1, 2, 3, including Dementia and Alzheimer's.


We are committed to continual learning and education, best practices, and innovative strategies to meet the needs of the 21st-century senior adult community. We are also committed to stimulating senior adults in active learning, social engagement, and physical mobility.

Meet The Owner

Dr. Maria C. Scott, CEO

Dr. Scott has built a multi-location assisted living company that is hyper focused on providing the best service imaginable when taking care of your elderly family member.

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Hear What Our Clients are Saying

See how we offer personalized care to our residents.

It’s been over two years since one of my closest relatives began residing at CREATUS Adult Assisted Living and I want to recognize the excellent care that they have received. It starts at the top with Dr. Scott who is hands-on with treatment tailored to the individual resident’s needs and all the while providing support to the family.

First, the setting. This is a beautiful home in a country-like setting with just a few residents leading to a warm family atmosphere. I’d say that Dr. Scott, the staff and residents are a family and just like any family, they spend time together daily and celebrate holidays together. For example, Christmas is wonderful with a decorated tree and they gather as a group to celebrate – the same with other holidays and birthdays.

Second, I’ve been very impressed with the individual care and attention provided that includes accompanying the residents to doctor appointments, administration of medication and monitoring of medical conditions. Dr. Scott and her staff also are diligent about administrative issues such as keeping documentation up-to-date on medical insurance.

Dr. Scott and her staff have provided personal attention and support to our family member in transitioning into this new living arrangement and it has been successful. I want to thank Dr. Scott for her leadership and recognize her outstanding work in the ongoing management of CREATUS Adult Assisted Living.


-Family Member of Current Resident

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  • What are the payment options for CREATUS?
    We accept private pay, we are vendors of the Medicaid waiver program in the state of Maryland, Family collaborations, and long term insurance that is used for assisted living
  • Are there any hidden fees with CREATUS?
    Once a price is quoted there are no hidden fees.
  • What is your average cost at CREATUS?
    We start at level 1 at $4299.00.
  • What are your visiting hours?
    Our visiting hours start from 10am until 3pm Monday-Friday and Saturday 10am-5pm. All guardian's may request specific times to see their loved ones.
  • Are there any day trips?
    Yes, we have conducted several day trips with our resident's. For example, during October on Halloween they spent time at the pumpkin patch, that was a lot of fun. Another day trip is they took the van and went to the movies. They also went to the circus, so we do schedule day trips for them to enjoy themselves.
  • Are there any activities that you conduct at your facility?
    We have several scheduled activities throughout the week for the residents. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, we have a professional arts and crafts specialist who comes for an hour Monday through Friday. We have an activity coordinator who comes from 1 to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday and she does a lot of activities with them, for example they exercise, they read and they focus on various topics throughout the month. Black History Month is one for example, they play games, they write, they journal, they pin pile with middle school students, so there are lots of activities that they do during the day. Also the second and third Friday of the month we have a professional Zumba instructor who comes in to conduct Zumba classes and she’s quite good because she choreographs their Zumba classes specifically for seniors. Once a month we have a barber and a beautician who visits and grooms are our residents. We also have once a month nail manicuring, so those are just several activities that we have scheduled for the residence at CREATUS.
  • Do residents have their own rooms?
    Yes, we do have private rooms available and we also have semi private rooms available. The cost for private rooms will be much more than it would be for a semi private room, but we also encourage residents who may not have a critical health need to consider partnering with another resident in the room. Companionship is very important with seniors and it really does assist and the furthering development of seniors when they engage with other people. There are situations where residents may want to be by themselves however, we really do encourage our residence's to room with someone so that they can continue to develop collaboration skills, communication skills, etc.
  • Are family members able to take their loved ones out on the weekends or holidays?
    Of course, at CREATUS we are very concerned and it is our mission to have families to continue to collaborate and to spend time with each other. We find it more when families are not willing to take their loved ones on weekends or holidays or just maybe a family gathering or cookout. It is important for residents to feel that when they are in a facility that they are not just missing in action, or someone has dropped them off and they have no one to really make them feel that they are still connected to the family. One thing that when you decide to take your loved one out for a couple of days, we will make sure that you have their medication and the instructions for the medication so that it is given appropriately in our absence. We also make sure certain that you have a bag of clothes, clothing and items, depends and various toiletry items that you will need for the resident. You will also need to check out the resident and sign them out as well as sign them back in. Those are just a few protocols that we have regarding having your loved one leave with you for the weekend, but we do encourage that type of relationship with your loved ones.
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